Event: The Dwarf Invasion

December 15, 2011
by Codxp

The Ancestors are hearing about a Dwarf legion approaching the Empire, and war is soon to be expected from this encounter. The best estimates from the Emperor’s scribes indicate the legion will be marching in the Empire on the 22nd day of the 12th month at 8:00 pm PST.

Dwarfs are not to be underestimated

It is known that dwarves use a very different kind of equipment from Orcs, Humans and Elves. Their strength allow them to wear heavy weaponry and armor. Their spells, while slow, are also known for their exceptional powers. The Dwarf King Khul has a long and complex history with the Phoenix Empire, but it seems this time, power and greed are in the air.

Your mission: protect the Empire

Prepare for battle, and bring your army to combat! As destruction is anticipated in the Empire, you may also be called to restore and contribute to the rebuilding of lost roads and properties. Great rewards and recognition are in store for those who defeat the dwarves and help restore peace into the Empire!

The Event will end between Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd, 2012. Non-consumed ingredients (list below) will be vanished from the Empire.

Vanishing ingredients: Ore, Ingot, Dry Logs, Crushed Stones, Crude Shovel. Everything else is yours to keep!

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