On Halloween, ghosts and other-wordly creatures  like to have a little fun and drop a few unique loots in the Phoenix Empire and Galaxia System — and this year is no exception!

A few surprises await your army and fleet;  get ready for battle starting Friday 28, 2011 @ midnight PST!

Phoenix Emperor Halloween Event

Alchemy is in the air! The Ancestors are seeing a wave of new wicked ingredients appearing in the Empire, and scribes of the Emperor are now locating new recipes to make sense of it all. Prepare your armies as the undead and ghosts roam the empire in search of victims!

Project Galaxia Halloween Event

Following the source of the coming ghostly spectres, Project Galaxia’s top engineers have discovered new equipment that will be of interest to  Andarak, Lephram, Human and Inok’s fleets! They have build the highest technology building in the System, named The Lab, which will be open during this time of hunting. Ready your fleets for exciting loots and haunting good fun throughout the galaxy!

The Event will end on Monday 31, 2011 @  11PM, PST. Non-consumed ingredient (list below) will be vanished from both the Empire and Galaxia System.

Let the Haunting Begin!


Phoenix Emperor vanishing ingredients:
- Pumpkin;
- Hay;
- Rotten Meat;
- Jar of Blood;
- Bones;
- Skull;
- Scroll of Enchantment;
- Scroll of Eternal Light;

Project Galaxia vanishing ingredients:
- Element;
- Element Neutronium;
- Element Plasma;
- Element Gamma;
- Element Ion;
- Cloaking Device;
- Debris;
- Fuel Cell;
- Scavenged Part;
- Confined Vortex;

Glowing Carved Pumpkin, Decomposed Zombie Mask, Reflective Shield, Repair Robot, and everything else is yours to keep!


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