PE Moros Gate Event 2011A Moros Demon has made its way through the Moros Gate of the Dark Realm and is terrorizing the citizens of the Phoenix Empire. The Moros gate is the gateway to the spirit world, but through its recent opening by the powerful Phoenix, a tear into the Dark Realm has allowed the dark forces to enter the Phoenix Empire.

The scholars of the Phoenix Emperor have discovered that the demons was able to enter through the same Moros Gate that elves, humans, and orcs have been using to become spectres!

All armies of the Phoenix Empire are to begin battling the dark forces on Tuesday night, August 2nd at 8pm PST.

Amid the chaos, demons and monsters are joining on the battlefield to reap the rewards of the carnage. They are stealing cakes and other treats from the Emperor, but they also carry with them unique equipment from the Dark Realm.

Collecting Scrolls of Eternity, Chaos Stones, and Demon Blood

Scroll of EternityThe Moros Gate must now be closed so that the demons cannot use it as an entryway. 50,000 Scrolls of Eternity as well as chaos stones and demon blood must be collected and sacrificed in the flame of the Phoenix to permanently lock the gateway. The stolen cakes and summer ales are yours to keep, but the chaos stones, scrolls of eternity, and demon blood will all disappear after the ritual is performed.

The scholars are summoning a new way for the Spectres to be reborn in the Phoenix Empire, once the Moros Gate is sealed!

Special Rewards for Top Contributors and Participants

Warriors of the Phoenix Empire that are top contributors to the tavern collections will receive the following when ranking for each collection:

  • 1st place – Gold Trophy, 3 Scroll of Ages, 3 Chaos Stones, 1 Demon Blood Vial
  • 2nd place – Silver Trophy, 1 Scroll of Ages, 1 Chaos Stone
  • 3rd place – Bronze Trophy, 1 Scroll of Ages
  • All ranked players – Golden Phoenix Feather
  • All event participants receive 1 skill point

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