Galactic Alignment Special Event

Communications Part

During the Galactic Alignment Festival, there appears to be interference that is causing the communication systems for Project Galaxia to scatter and break. The Galactic Alignment has caused a severe interference in the communication systems of the Laran, Andarak, and Humans. The disturbance is affecting the Galaxia System’s robots and androids, causing them to malfunction and attack fleets.

The disturbance is creating chaos in the Galaxia System and all fleets are being commissioned to help restore communication to normal functionality by collecting any loose parts so that they can be re-integrated with the satellites and beacons.

Any assaults you encounter along the way should be dealt with using full fleet forces. The Arbitrators estimate that at least 50,000 communication parts must be collected and re-integrated with the communication systems in order to restore communications to optimal performance. The Arbitrators have setup a collection location in the Tavern for Fleet Commanders to retrieve the communication parts and deposit them for credit.

Help the Galaxia System recover the communication parts and annihilate the berserk galactic foes.

Your mission will begin at 10:00am PST this Saturday, July 30th.

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