Friday the 13th Festivities for 2011

May 12, 2011
by Codxp

Friday the 13thIt’s Friday the 13th in the Phoenix Empire and the Galaxia System and each world has become a bit chaotic and off-kilter! Hopefully you’ll find a bit of luck with the unusual festivities of the day… or you might run into a bit of bad luck if one of the NPCs decide to take advantage of the chaos.

Special Loots

Exciting loots and interesting surprises await participants as the festivities begin!

Friday the 13th festivities will start the evening before Friday the 13th PST.

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  • F4 Phantom says:

    Hello Hino Rei CodXP,

    You devs have any plans for the one year anniversary? not like you would tell me anyway! lol.  The game is great, my favorite by far!

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