Phoenix Emperor MainThe Phoenix Empire will be experiencing a great shift in power soon. The expansion is still in the works, but already we’ve made progress in the new features, loots, quests, monsters, equipment types, and a brand new race to be welcomed by the Phoenix Emperor.

The defeat of the Dark Lord has created a great disturbance in the empire, and sacrifices must be made by elite warriors seeking to battle on a whole new plane of existence, unlocking new features, loots, and special quests!

New Race of the Phoenix Empire

We’re changing the way the Phoenix Empire levels will work while introducing a new race to the Phoenix Empire. In order to unlock the new race of “Spectre,” warriors must complete perilous quests, acquiring the needed ingredients for a ritual that will allow them to shed the shell of their former selves and awaken into a level 10 Spectre.

Spectres will see the empire in a whole different way and will even have a spectral glow that makes them stand out among all other warriors. Any warrior that levels up to meet the minimum requirements to become a Spectre can perform the ritual and ascend to a new powerful form that includes new racial bonuses, secret Spectre-only quests and monsters, as well as rare loots that can only be acquired by Spectres (but will be tradable in the Marketplace).

As a Spectre, you can still maintain relations with your previous army. We will soon be implementing a new recruit system that makes it so that armies are a mutual agreement, no longer requiring recruit backs — once you join forces with another warrior, the pact will be mutual.

Spectre Bonuses

Special Bonuses for the Spectre include a unique profile memorial badge, signifying your contributions to the Phoenix Empire in your previous form as well as a set number of special loots, regular loots, and properties that you will receive upon your rebirth.

Still More to Come

There are more features to come and the expansion will be an immense change for the Phoenix Empire, so stay tuned for more details as we prepare for a rebirth for Phoenix Emperor!

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