April Fool’s Day Fun

April 2, 2011
by Codxp

Codxp April Fool's 2011APRIL FOOLS! We’ve enjoyed reading the forum posts and chatter from the recent April Fool’s Day gag. We had been thinking of something for a while to do that would really top last year’s April Fool’s for Phoenix Emperor, and now Project Galaxia is in on the excitement, so double the fun!

During the April Fool’s Day prank, we included a couple of changes. The first included a switch for the NPC names, but the second was the big change that included a special skills tab visible on other players’ profiles. It was meant to trick everyone into thinking they were able to see other players’ skill point allocation. For an added twist, if you clicked on another player’s profile skills tab, you could even apply fake skill points to their account. Any time you reloaded the tab, the skill points would re-randomize, so it looked like a bug.

Thanks for all of the hilarious panicked support emails and forum posts over the April Fool’s Day prank — it made it all so very worthwhile.

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