Project Galaxia Expansion Coming Soon

January 26, 2011
by Codxp

Project Galaxia Main

We have been keeping busy after the Holiday Events getting ready for the latest in updates to the Galaxia System.

The coming updates include completely new features that will include new loots, alternate characters for your account, and a new alien race option.

The new expansion will allow players to level up to 65, at which point there will be special top-level missions that will offer a new elite status reputation system for level 65 players called “Paragons.”

There is no release date set at this time, but as the expansion gets closer to completion, we will announce a release date and time.

Update: The Project Galaxia expansion is now set for release on Friday night March 4th at midnight PST.

Update: New alternate character now requires level 50.

The Inok: Specialization in Ion Technology

The Caelumna have a special interest in procuring the dark matter of the Galaxia System, which is a component to the actual Project Galaxia as well. The Inok will be introduced as an alien race from an alternate dimension, accidentally spilling into the Galaxia System during the assault from the Caeulmna.

The Ion technology of the Inok works in conjunction with dark matter, which opens a universe of new technological capabilities for the other races of the Galaxia System.

More Artillery, Missions, and Assaults

The story of Project Galaxia continues with new loots that include fleets, weapons, shields, technology, and loots. The missons and assaults will build on the battle against the Caeulmna and help to reveal the secret behind Project Galaxia and the why the Caeulmna seek to control the dark matter in the Galaxia System.

In addition to a whole new Inok-based Ion element that can be implemented into battle strategies, there will be new higher level loots and artillery available with the expansion.

Alternate Account Unlocked at Level 50

Once players have a character at level 50, they will be able to unlock a new feature that requires a Codxp account. The new feature offers one extra character to be associated with the account on your device.

Paragon Elite Ranking

The Elites ranking status of “Paragon” will only be open to top-level players, which will be level 65 players after the expansion. The Paragon Elites will have their own ranking statuses among the Elites.

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